Clean, chilled, delectable. #imsorryifimmakingyouhungry

Clean, chilled, delectable. #imsorryifimmakingyouhungry


Yeah, we fuck today
We fight tomorrow then we fuck again
I fuck her homie, she find out
And then she fuck my man
Then I hit her and I tell her she a piece of shit
Then she call the cops and say
“You always make me sick”
Then we fuck again, we make it up
And then we’re back to where we used to be
And usually, it take like two or three
Sometimes it last a week
Then we fight again, then I fuck her friend
This cycle never ends

TitleSober Thoughts

I want to make ‘forever’

a reality for you,

and not just some fucked up,

make-believe notion

you’ve read

in books.

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Shout out to @utopiandream_  for this HUGE cupcake! 😋

Shout out to @utopiandream_ for this HUGE cupcake! 😋